Walter Willinger

“For contributions towards a foundational understanding of Internet traffic and topology.”

Jamie Moesch, 2023 Recipient

“For exceptional leadership within IEEE Educational Activities and sustained and substantial contributions to the goals and objectives of IEEE.”

R. Iris Bahar

“For innovative undergraduate teaching and transformative student mentoring that champion inclusivity in engineering and examine societal impacts of technology.”

Andras Kis

“For pioneering work and breakthroughs on 2D materials and electronic devices.”

David N. Tse

“For inspirational mentoring and contributions to graduate teaching in wireless communication, power systems, computational biology, and blockchains.”

V. Anand Sankaran

“For contributions to the advancement and high-volume implementation of automotive electrification technologies.”

Madhavan Swaminathan

“For contributions to semiconductor packaging and system integration technologies that improve the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of electronic systems.”

Davide Scaramuzza

“For contributions to agile visual navigation of micro drones and low-latency robust perception with event cameras.”

Aldo Boglietti

“For contributions to the magnetic and thermal modeling, design, and characterization of electrical machines.”

Gary R. Hoffman

“For leadership in and development of power systems standards to increase global adoption.”

Elena Ferrari

“For pioneering and sustained contributions to the security and privacy of online social networks.”

Richard E. Carson

“For contributions to image reconstruction and tracer kinetic analysis in positron emission tomography.”

Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier

“For contributions to the foundations and applications of approximate reasoning and fuzzy systems.”

Paolo Dario

“For establishing and advancing bionics and biorobotics as key research areas worldwide, integrating robotics and medicine.”

Kim Roberts

“For leadership in the introduction and development of digital coherent signal processing for optical fiber transmission systems.”

Bich-Yen Nguyen

“For leadership in the research, development, and commercialization of innovative silicon-on-insulator substrates, process technologies, and devices.”

Deog-Kyoon Jeong

“For leadership in the technology development for Digital Video Interface (DVI) and High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).”

David J. Perreault

“For contributions to the development of very-high-frequency power converters.”

Anja Feldmann

“For contributions to the field of networking and Internet technologies, specifically to traffic engineering, network measurements, and Internet protocols.”

Mary Jane Irwin

“For contributions to electronic design automation and power-aware computer architecture.”

Deepak G. Uttamchandani

“For contributions to photonics-based optical frequency and wavelength domain instrumentation and measurement.”

Giuseppe Buja

“For fundamental contributions to modulation and control of industrial drives.”

Joe Hong Chow

“For contributions to the modeling and control of large-scale power transmission systems.”

Stéphane G. Mallat

“For contributions to the theory and applications of wavelets and machine learning.”

Tsunenobu Kimoto

“For contributions to silicon carbide material and power devices.”

Keiichi Tokuda

“For pioneering contributions to statistical speech synthesis and speech signal processing.”

Kamal Sarabandi

“For contributions to electromagnetic sensing technology and metamaterials for antenna miniaturization.”

Alain Bensoussan

“For fundamental contributions to stochastic control, control-theoretic methods in management and finance, and impactful leadership of scientific and engineering organizations.”

Adrian Mihai Ionescu

“For leadership and contributions to the field of energy-efficient steep slope devices and technologies.”

John A. Rogers

“For multi-disciplinary contributions in the life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and medicine to enable the integration of biology and electronics.”

William H. Gates

“For his dramatic contributions to the growth of the personal computer industry and through those efforts to industry and society in general.”

Melba Crawford

“For contributions to remote sensing technology and leadership in its application for the benefit of humanity.”

Vinton G. Cerf

“For co-creating the Internet architecture and providing sustained leadership in its phenomenal growth in becoming society’s critical infrastructure.”

Anna Zakrzewska

“For contributions in telecommunications research and innovation, leading to global commercialization, while inspiring tomorrow’s young technology leaders through STEM volunteering work.”

Donna Strickland

“For contributions to the demonstration of chirped pulse amplification, a method to increase output power in ultrashort pulse solid-state lasers.”

Marko Delimar

“For inspired vision and steadfast leadership in improving global IEEE influence, member engagement, and governance.”

W. Ross Stone

“For sustained contributions to and impactful leadership in the IEEE Technical Activities publication enterprise.”

Denso Corporation

“For the innovation of QR (Quick Response) code and their widespread use across the globe.”

Azad Madni

“For pioneering contributions to model-based systems engineering, education, and industrial impact using interdisciplinary approaches.”

Kamal Al-Haddad

“For contributions to power electronics converters for power quality and industrial applications.”

Alberto Moreira

“For leadership and innovative concepts in the design, deployment, and utilization of airborne and space-based radar systems.”

Luc Van den hove

“For leadership in creating a worldwide research ecosystem in nano-electronics
technology with applications ranging from high-performance computing to health.”

James S. Harris

“For contributions to epitaxial growth and nanofabrication of materials and heterojunction devices.”

James J. Truchard

“For the development of LabVIEW and establishing worldwide programs to enhance
hands-on learning in laboratories and classrooms.”

Mau-Chung Frank Chang

“For contributions to heterojunction device technology and CMOS System-on-Chip realizations with unprecedented reconfigurability and bandwidth.”

José M. F. Moura

“For contributions to theory and practice of statistical, graph, and distributed signal processing.”

Rebecca Richards-Kortum

“For contributions to optical solutions for cancer detection and leadership in establishing the field of global health engineering.”

Frank Kschischang

“For contributions to the theory and practice of error correcting codes and optical communications.”

Rodney Allen Brooks

“For leadership in research and commercialization of autonomous robotics, including mobile, humanoid, service, and manufacturing robots.”

Hiroyuki Matsunami

“For pioneering contributions to the development of silicon carbide material and its applications to electronic power devices.”

Lydia E. Kavraki

“For foundational probabilistic algorithms and randomized search methods that have broad impact in robotic motion planning and computational biology.”

Guoqi (Kouchi) Zhang

“For scientific and technological leadership in “More than Moore” (MTM) packaging, co-designing, and reliability.”

Ion Stoica

“For contributions to the design of cloud and computer network services.”

Ewell Tan, 2022 Recipient

“For consistently high-level performance serving IEEE Region 10 through addressing a wide variety of challenges.”

Carlotta Berry

“For contributions to multidisciplinary robotics education and leadership in creating a national platform to diversify STEM.”

Rudiger Urbanke

“For contributions to graduate education, empowering students and mentorship that advanced the world of wireless and engineering communication.”

Kiruba S. Haran

“For contributions to advanced high-power density electrical machinery and high-temperature, super-conducting technology applications.

Holger Meinel

“For contributions to the development and promoting the application of millimeter-wave technology in transportation systems.”

Tim Böscke

“For contributions to the discovery of ferroelectricity in hafnium-based oxides.”

Radia Perlman

“For contributions to Internet routing and bridging protocols.”

Philip Wennblom

“For championing global development of market-led voluntary technology standards through decades of contributions to governance and strategy of international organizations.

Kathleen McKeown

“For pushing the boundaries of natural language processing for social media analysis, news summarization, crisis informatics, and creating a digital library for patient care.

Janet L. Barth

“For leadership of and contributions to the advancement of the design, building, deployment, and operation of capable, robust space systems.

Marios Polycarpou

“For contributions to the theory and application of neural networks and learning systems in monitoring and control.”

Daniela Rus

“For pioneering contributions to the design, realization, and theoretical foundations of innovative distributed, networked autonomous systems.”

Roel Baets

“For more globally accessible technology for women’s health related to cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.”

Omkaram (Om) Nalamasu

“For leadership in research and development of semiconductor materials, processes, and equipment.”

Ingrid Verbauwhede

“For pioneering contributions to energy-efficient and high-performance secure integrated circuits and systems.”

Dragan Maksimovic

“For contributions to digital control, modeling, and topologies of switched-mode power supplies.”

Yoshisuke Ueda

“For the discovery of chaotic phenomena in electronic circuits and for contributions to the development of nonlinear dynamics.”

Rabab Kreidieh Ward

“For outstanding contributions to advancing signal processing techniques and their practical applications, and for technical leadership.”

Ewald. F. Fuchs

“For contributions to power quality in power system operation, electric machines, renewable energy, and drives.”

Carl Kesselman and Ian Foster

“For contributions to the design, deployment, and application of practical Internet-scale global computing platforms.”

Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman

“For contributions to the design, deployment, and application of practical Internet-scale global computing platforms.”

Ken Sakamura

“For leadership in creating open and free operating systems for embedded computers used in consumer electronics.”

Nikolaos D. Hatziargyriou

“For contributions to the development of microgrids and leadership in distributed and decentralized smart distribution networks.”

H.-S. Philip Wong

“For contributions to novel and advanced semiconductor device concepts and their implementation.”

Alexander Waibel

“For pioneering contributions to spoken language translation and supporting technologies.”

John William Bandler

“For contributions to electromagnetic optimization and the modeling of high-frequency structures, circuits, and devices.”

Naomi Ehrich Leonard

“For contributions to applications and theory for control of nonlinear and multiagent systems.”

John Robertson

“For theoretical contributions to the integration of high-k oxides on semiconductors.”

Nirmala (Nimmi) Ramanujam

“For more globally accessible technology for women’s health related to cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.”

James G. Fujimoto

James G. Fujimoto

“For groundbreaking contributions to sparse signal recovery and compressed sensing.”

Masato Sagawa

Masato Sagawa & John J. Croat

“For contributions to the development of rare earth-iron-boron permanent magnets for use in high-efficiency motors, generators, and other devices.”

John J. Croat

John J. Croat & Masato Sagawa

“For contributions to the development of rare earth-iron-boron permanent magnets for use in high-efficiency motors, generators, and other devices.”

Asad M. Madni

Asad M. Madni

“For pioneering contributions to the development and commercialization of innovative sensing and systems technologies, and for distinguished research leadership.”

Eugene Wimberly Myers Jr.

Eugene W. Myers & Webb Miller

For pioneering contributions to sequence analysis algorithms and their applications to biosequence search, genome sequencing, and comparative genome analyses.”

Webb Miller

Webb Miller & Eugene W. Myers

For pioneering contributions to sequence analysis algorithms and their applications to biosequence search, genome sequencing, and comparative genome analyses.”

Cliff Hou

Cliff Hou & Yuh-Jier (Y.J.) Mii

“For leadership in developing industry-leading foundry logic process technologies and open innovation design platforms.”

Yuh-Jier (Y.J.) Mii

Yuh-Jier (Y.J.) Mii & Cliff Hou

“For leadership in developing industry-leading foundry logic process technologies and open innovation design platforms.”

Albert Brault

Albert Brault & Peter Dillon

“For contributions to the development of image sensors with integrated color filter arrays for digital video and still cameras.”


“For  its Stargate Process for 3-D printing the Terran 1 rocket.”


“For It’s COVID Home Test Kit”

David Donoho

David L. Donoho

“For groundbreaking contributions to sparse signal recovery and compressed sensing.”

Heike Riel

Heike Riel

“For contributions to materials for nanoscale electronics and organic light-emitting devices.”

Wolfram Burgard

Wolfram Burgard

“For contributions to the fundamentals and applications of robot navigation and perception.”

David Bankowski

David Bankowski

“For leading the restructuring of the IEEE Data Center and ensuring its resilience and continuity of services for more than two decades.”

Ian Warwick Hunter

“For the development and commercialization of nonlinear system identification techniques in instrumentation and measurement applications.”

[photo] Chenming Hu

Chenming Hu

“For a distinguished career of developing and putting into practice semiconductor models, particularly 3-D device structures, that have helped keep Moore’s Law going over many decades.”

[photo] Kurt E. Petersen

Kurt E. Petersen

“For contributions to and leadership in the development and commercialization of innovative technologies in the field of MEMS.”

[photo] Bradford W. Parkinson

Bradford W. Parkinson

“For fundamental contributions to and leadership in developing the design and driving the early applications of the Global Positioning System.”

[photo] Kees Schouhamer Immink

Kees Schouhamer Immink

“For pioneering contributions to video, audio, and data recording technology, including compact disc, DVD, and Blu-ray.”

[photo] G. David Forney, Jr.

G. David Forney, Jr.

“For pioneering contributions to the theory of error-correcting codes and the development of reliable high-speed data communications.”

[photo] B. Jayant Baliga

B. Jayant Baliga

“For the invention, implementation, and commercialization of power semiconductor devices with widespread benefits to society.”

[photo] Irwin Mark Jacobs

Irwin Mark Jacobs

“For leadership and fundamental contributions to digital communications and wireless technology.”

[photo] John L. Hennessy

John L. Hennessy

“For pioneering the RISC processor architecture and for leadership in computer engineering and higher education.”

[photo] Morris Chang

Morris Chang

“For outstanding leadership in the semiconductor industry.”

[photo] Viterbi

Andrew J. Viterbi

“For seminal contributions to communications technology and theory.”

[photo] Robert H. Dennard

Robert H. Dennard

“For invention of the single transistor Dynamic Random Access Memory and for developing scaling principles for integrated circuits.”

[photo] Gordon E. Moore

Gordon E. Moore

“For pioneering technical roles in integrated-circuit processing, and leadership in the development of MOS memory, the microprocessor computer and the semiconductor industry.”

[photo] Thomas Kailath

Thomas Kailath

“For exceptional development of powerful algorithms in the fields of communications, computing, control and signal processing.”

[photo] James D. Meindl

James D. Meindl

“For pioneering contributions to microelectronics, including low power, biomedical, physical limits and on-chip interconnect networks.”

Jacob Ziv

Jacob Ziv

“For fundamental contributions to information theory and data compression technology, and for distinguished research leadership.”

[photo] James L. Flanagan

James L. Flanagan

“For sustained leadership and outstanding contributions in speech technology.”

[photo] Tadahiro Sekimoto

Tadahiro Sekimoto

“For contributions to digital satellite communications, promotion of information technology R&D, and technical and corporate leadership in computers and communications.”

[photo] Nick Holonyak, Jr.

Nick Holonyak, Jr.

“For a career of pioneering contributions to semiconductors, including the growth of semiconductor alloys and heterojunctions, and to visible light-emitting diodes and injection lasers.”

[photo] Herbert Kroemer

Herbert Kroemer

“For contributions to high-frequency transistors and hot-electron devices, especially heterostructure devices from heterostructure bipolar transistors to lasers, and their molecular beam epitaxy technology.”

[photo] Herwig Kogelnik

Herwig Kogelnik

“For fundamental contributions to the science and technology of lasers and optoelectronics, and for leadership in research and development of photonics and lightwave communication systems.”

[photo] Andrew S. Grove

Andrew S. Grove

“For pioneering research in characterizing and modeling metal oxide semiconductor devices and technology, and leadership in the development of the modern semiconductor industry.”

[photo] Charles Concordia

Charles Concordia

“For outstanding contributions in the area of Power System Dynamics which resulted in substantial improvements in planning, operation and security of extended power systems”

[photo] Donald O. Pederson

Donald O. Pederson

“For creation of the SPICE Program, universally used for the computer aided design of circuits.”

[photo] George H. Heilmeier

George H. Heilmeier

“For discovery and initial development of electro-optic effects in liquid crystals.”

[photo] Robert M. Metcalfe

Robert M. Metcalfe

“For exemplary and sustained leadership in the development, standardization, and commercialization of Ethernet.”

[photo] Lotfi A. Zadeh

Lotfi A. Zadeh

“For pioneering development of fuzzy logic and its many diverse applications.”

[photo] Alfred Y. Cho

Alfred Y. Cho

“For seminal contributions to the development of molecular beam epitaxy.”

[photo] Karl Johan Åström

Karl Johan Åström

“For fundamental contributions to theory and applications of adaptive control technology.”

[photo] Amos E. Joel, Jr.

Amos E. Joel, Jr.

“For fundamental contributions to and leadership in telecommunications switching systems.”

[photo] Leo Esaki

Leo Esaki

“For contributions to and leadership in tunneling, semiconductor superlattices, and quantum wells.”

[photo] Robert G. Gallager

Robert G. Gallager

“For fundamental contributions to communications coding techniques.”

[photo] C. Kumar N. Patel

C. Kumar N. Patel

“For fundamental contributions to quantum electronics, including the carbon dioxide laser and the spin-flip Raman laser.”

[photo] Calvin F. Quate

Calvin F. Quate

“For the invention and development of the scanning acoustic microscope.”

[photo] Jack St. Clair Kilby

Jack St. Clair Kilby

“For fundamental contributions to semiconductor integrated circuit technology.”

John R. Whinnery

“For seminal contributions to the understanding and application of electromagnetic fields and waves to microwave, laser, and optical devices.”

[photo] Norman F. Ramsey

Norman F. Ramsey

“For fundamental contributions to very high accuracy time and frequency standards exemplified by the cesium atomic clock and hydrogen maser oscillator.”

[photo] Nicolaas Bloembergen

Nicolaas Bloembergen

“For pioneering contributions to Quantum Electronics including the invention of the three-level maser.”

[photo] John Wilder Tukey

John Wilder Tukey

“For his contributions to the spectral analysis of random processes and the fast Fourier transform algorithm.”

[photo] Sidney Darlington

Sidney Darlington

“For fundamental contributions to filtering and signal processing leading to chirp radar.”

[photo] William Shockley

William Shockley

“For the invention of the junction transistor, the analog and the junction field-effect transistor, and the theory underlying their operation.”

[photo] Richard Bellman

Richard Bellman

“For contributions to decision processes and control system theory, particularly the creation and application of dynamic programming.”

[photo] Robert N. Noyce

Robert N. Noyce

“For his contributions to the silicon integrated circuit, a cornerstone of modern electronics.”

[photo] H. Earle Vaughan

H. Earle Vaughan

“For his vision, technical contributions and leadership in the development of the first high-capacity pulse-code-modulation time-division telephone switching system.”

[photo] John R. Pierce

John R. Pierce

“For his pioneering concrete proposals and the realization of satellite communication experiments, and for contributions in theory and design of traveling wave tubes and in electron beam optics essential to this success.”

[photo] Rudolf E. Kalman

Rudolf E. Kalman

“For pioneering modern methods in system theory, including concepts of controllability, observability, filtering, and algebraic structures.”

[photo] Rudolf Kompfner

Rudolf Kompfner

“For a major contribution to world‑wide communication through the conception of the traveling wave tube embodying a new principle of amplification.”

[photo] Jay W. Forrester

Jay W. Forrester

“For exceptional advances in the digital computer through his invention and application of the magnetic-core random-access memory, employing coincident current addressing.”

[photo] John Bardeen

John Bardeen

“For his profound contributions to the understanding of the conductivity of solids, to the invention of the transistor, and to the microscopic theory of superconductivity.”

[photo] Dennis Gabor

Dennis Gabor

“For his ingenious and exciting discovery and verification of the principles of holography.”

[photo] Edward L. Ginzton

Edward L. Ginzton

“For his outstanding contributions in advancing the technology of high power klystrons and their application, especially to linear particle accelerators.”

[photo] Gordon K. Teal

Gordon K. Teal

“For his contributions to single crystal germanium and silicon technology and the single crystal grown junction transistor.”

[photo] Charles H. Townes

Charles H. Townes

“For his significant contributions in the field of quantum electronics which have led to the maser and the laser.”

[photo] Claude E. Shannon

Claude E. Shannon

“For his development of a mathematical theory of communication which unified and significantly advanced the state of the art.”

[photo] Harold A. Wheeler

Harold A. Wheeler

“For his analyses of the fundamental limitations on the resolution in television systems and on wideband amplifiers, and for his basic contributions to the theory and development of antennas, microwave elements, circuits, and receivers.”

[photo] George C. Southworth

George C. Southworth

“For pioneering contributions to microwave radio physics, to radio astronomy, and to waveguide transmission.”

[photo] John H. Hammond, Jr.

John H. Hammond, Jr.

“For pioneering contributions to circuit theory and practice, to the radio control of missiles and to basic communication methods.”

[photo] Edward V. Appleton

Edward V. Appleton

“For his distinguished pioneer work in investigating the ionosphere by means of radio waves.”

[photo] Harry Nyquist

Harry Nyquist

“For fundamental contributions to a quantitative understanding of thermal noise, data transmission and negative feedback.”

[photo] E. L. Chaffee

E. L. Chaffee

“For his outstanding research contributions and his dedication to training for leadership in radio engineering.”

[photo] A. W. Hull

A. W. Hull

“For outstanding scientific achievement and pioneering inventions and development in the field of electron tubes.”

[photo] J. A. Stratton

J. A. Stratton

“For his inspiring leadership and outstanding contributions to the development of radio engineering, as teacher, physicist, engineer, author and administrator.”

[photo] J. V. L. Hogan

J. V. L. Hogan

“For his contributions to the electronic field as a founder and builder of The Institute of Radio Engineers, for the long sequence of his inventions, and for his continuing activity in the development of devices and systems useful in the communications art.”

[photo] H. T. Friis

H. T. Friis

“For his outstanding technical contributions in the expansion of the useful spectrum of radio frequencies, and for the inspiration and leadership he has given to young engineers.”

[photo] W. L. Everitt

W. L. Everitt

“For his distinguished career as author, educator and scientist; for his contributions in establishing electronics and communications as a major branch of electrical engineering; for his unselfish service to his country; for his leadership in the affairs of The Institute of Radio Engineers.”

[photo] J. M. Miller

J. M. Miller

“In recognition of his pioneering contributions to the fundamentals of electron tube theory and measurements, to crystal controlled oscillators and to receiver development.”

[photo] W. R. G. Baker

W. R. G. Baker

“In recognition of his outstanding direction of scientific and engineering projects; for his statesmanship in reconciling conflicting viewpoints and obtaining cooperative effort; and for his service to the Institute.”

[photo] V. K. Zworykin

V. K. Zworykin

“For his outstanding contributions to the concept and development of electronic apparatus basic to modern television, and his scientific achievements that led to fundamental advances in the application of electronics to communications, to industry and to national security.”

[photo] F. E. Terman

F. E. Terman

“For his many contributions to the radio and electronic industry as teacher, author, scientist and administrator.”

[photo] Ralph Bown

Ralph Bown

“For his extensive contributions to the field of radio and for his leadership in Institute affairs.”

[photo] Lawrence C.F. Horle

Lawrence C.F. Horle

“For his contributions to the radio industry in standardization work, both in peace and war, particularly in the field of electron tubes, and for his guidance of a multiplicity of technical committees into effective action.”

[photo] R. V. L. Hartley

R. V. L. Hartley

“For his early work on oscillating circuits employing triode tubes and likewise for his early recognition and clear exposition of the fundamental relationship between the total amount of information which may be transmitted over a transmission system of limited band‑width and the time required.”

[photo] Haraden Pratt

Haraden Pratt

“In recognition of his engineering contributions to the development of radio, of his work in the extension of communication facilities to distant lands, and of his constructive leadership in Institute affairs.”

[photo] H. H. Beverage

H. H. Beverage

“In recognition of his achievements in radio research and invention, of his practical applications of engineering developments that greatly extended and increased the efficiency of domestic and world‑wide radio communications and of his devotion to the affairs of the Institute of Radio Engineers.”

[photo] William Wilson

William Wilson

“For his achievements in the development of modern electronics, including its application to radio-telephony, and for his contributions to the welfare and work of the Institute.”

[photo] A. H. Taylor

A. H. Taylor

“For his contributions to radio communication as an engineer and organizer, including pioneering work in the practical application of piezoelectric control to radio transmitters, early recognition and investigation of skip distances and other high-frequency wave-propagation problems, and many years of service to the government of the United States as an engineering executive of outstanding ability in directing the Radio Division of the Naval Research Laboratory.”

[photo] A. N. Goldsmith

A. N. Goldsmith

“For his contributions to radio research, engineering, and commercial development, his leadership in standardization, and his unceasing devotion to the establishment and upbuilding of the Institute and its PROCEEDINGS.”

[photo] Lloyd Espenschied

Lloyd Espenschied

“For his accomplishments as an engineer, as an inventor, as a pioneer in the development of radio telephony, and for his effective contributions to the progress of international radio coordination.”

[photo] A. G. Lee

A. G. Lee

“For his accomplishments in promoting international radio services and in fostering advances in the art and science of radio communication.”

[photo] J. H. Dellinger

J. H. Dellinger

“For his contributions to the development of radio measurements and standards, his researches and discoveries of the relation between radio wave propagation and other natural phenomena, and his leadership in international conferences contributing to the world wide cooperation in telecommunications.”

[photo] Melville Eastham

Melville Eastham

“For his pioneer work in the field of radio measurements, his constructive influence on laboratory practice in communication engineering, and his unfailing support of the aims and ideals of the Institute.”

[photo] G. A. Campbell

G. A. Campbell

“For his contributions to the theory of electrical network.”

[photo] Balth. van der Pol

Balth. van der Pol

“For his fundamental studies and contributions in the field of circuit theory and electromagnetic wave propagation phenomena.”