Melba Crawford

“For contributions to remote sensing technology and leadership in its application for the benefit of humanity.”

Vinton G. Cerf

“For co-creating the Internet architecture and providing sustained leadership in its phenomenal growth in becoming society’s critical infrastructure.”

Anna Zakrzewska

“For contributions in telecommunications research and innovation, leading to global commercialization, while inspiring tomorrow’s young technology leaders through STEM volunteering work.”

Donna Strickland

“For contributions to the demonstration of chirped pulse amplification, a method to increase output power in ultrashort pulse solid-state lasers.”

Marko Delimar

“For inspired vision and steadfast leadership in improving global IEEE influence, member engagement, and governance.”

W. Ross Stone

“For sustained contributions to and impactful leadership in the IEEE Technical Activities publication enterprise.”

Denso Corporation

“For the innovation of QR (Quick Response) code and their widespread use across the globe.”

Azad Madni

“For pioneering contributions to model-based systems engineering, education, and industrial impact using interdisciplinary approaches.”

Kamal Al-Haddad

“For contributions to power electronics converters for power quality and industrial applications.”

Alberto Moreira

“For leadership and innovative concepts in the design, deployment, and utilization of airborne and space-based radar systems.”

Luc Van den hove

“For leadership in creating a worldwide research ecosystem in nano-electronics
technology with applications ranging from high-performance computing to health.”

James S. Harris

“For contributions to epitaxial growth and nanofabrication of materials and heterojunction devices.”

James J. Truchard

“For the development of LabVIEW and establishing worldwide programs to enhance
hands-on learning in laboratories and classrooms.”

Mau-Chung Frank Chang

“For contributions to heterojunction device technology and CMOS System-on-Chip realizations with unprecedented reconfigurability and bandwidth.”

José M. F. Moura

“For contributions to theory and practice of statistical, graph, and distributed signal processing.”

Rebecca Richards-Kortum

“For contributions to optical solutions for cancer detection and leadership in establishing the field of global health engineering.”

Frank Kschischang

“For contributions to the theory and practice of error correcting codes and optical communications.”

Rodney Allen Brooks

“For leadership in research and commercialization of autonomous robotics, including mobile, humanoid, service, and manufacturing robots.”

Hiroyuki Matsunami

“For pioneering contributions to the development of silicon carbide material and its applications to electronic power devices.”

Lydia Kavraki

“For foundational probabilistic algorithms and randomized search methods that have broad impact in robotic motion planning and computational biology.”

Guoqi (Kouchi) Zhang

“For scientific and technological leadership in “More than Moore” (MTM) packaging, co-designing, and reliability.”

Ion Stoica

“For contributions to the design of cloud and computer network services.”

Ewell Tan, 2022 Recipient

“For consistently high-level performance serving IEEE Region 10 through addressing a wide variety of challenges.”

Carlotta Berry

“For contributions to multidisciplinary robotics education and leadership in creating a national platform to diversify STEM.”

Rudiger Urbanke

“For contributions to graduate education, empowering students and mentorship that advanced the world of wireless and engineering communication.”

Kiruba S. Haran

“For contributions to advanced high-power density electrical machinery and high-temperature, super-conducting technology applications.

Holger Meinel

“For contributions to the development and promoting the application of millimeter-wave technology in transportation systems.”

Tim Böscke

“For contributions to the discovery of ferroelectricity in hafnium-based oxides.”

Radia Perlman

“For contributions to Internet routing and bridging protocols.”

Philip Wennblom

“For championing global development of market-led voluntary technology standards through decades of contributions to governance and strategy of international organizations.

Kathleen McKeown

“For pushing the boundaries of natural language processing for social media analysis, news summarization, crisis informatics, and creating a digital library for patient care.

Janet L. Barth

“For leadership of and contributions to the advancement of the design, building, deployment, and operation of capable, robust space systems.

Marios Polycarpou

“For contributions to the theory and application of neural networks and learning systems in monitoring and control.”

Daniela Rus

“For pioneering contributions to the design, realization, and theoretical foundations of innovative distributed, networked autonomous systems.”

Roel Baets

“For more globally accessible technology for women’s health related to cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.”

Omkaram (Om) Nalamasu

“For leadership in research and development of semiconductor materials, processes, and equipment.”

Ingrid Verbauwhede

“For pioneering contributions to energy-efficient and high-performance secure integrated circuits and systems.”

Dragan Maksimovic

“For contributions to digital control, modeling, and topologies of switched-mode power supplies.”

Yoshisuke Ueda

“For the discovery of chaotic phenomena in electronic circuits and for contributions to the development of nonlinear dynamics.”

Rabab Kreidieh Ward

“For outstanding contributions to advancing signal processing techniques and their practical applications, and for technical leadership.”