IEEE President’s Award

IEEE President's Award

IEEE President's Award medal.

Established in 2000, the IEEE President, with the consent of the Board of Directors, may name individuals to receive the IEEE President’s Award. Normally, no more than two awards will be bestowed in any given year. The IEEE President’s Award is given to individuals, not necessarily members of IEEE, whose careers have exhibited distinguished leadership and contributions to the public. To those recipients not already members of IEEE, this recognition shall carry an entitlement of the privileges of IEEE except the right to vote and hold office therein. Recipients are selected by the IEEE President with the consent of the IEEE Board of Directors. Sponsored by IEEE.

To view bios from recent award recipients, visit the Past Award Recipients page and click on the awards booklet for the year.

(2023) President’s Award
Doreen Bogdan-Martin headshot.
Doreen Bogdan-Martin

"For distinguished leadership and contributions to the public."

(2019) President’s Award
Katherine G. Johnson headshot.
Katherine G. Johnson

"For fundamental computational contributions to the success of America’s first and subsequent manned spaceflights, including Apollo 11."

Katherine Johnson, photographed for Vanity Fair at Fort Monroe, in Hampton, Virginia. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

(2000) President’s Award
William H. Gates

"For his dramatic contributions to the growth of the personal computer industry and through those efforts to industry and society in general."

(2000) President’s Award
Andrew S. Grove

"For continuing to create untold opportunities in the fields of interest of the IEEE, its members, and society."