David N. C. Tse


Sponsored by the Leon K. Kirchmayer Memorial Fund

“For inspirational mentoring and contributions to graduate teaching in wireless communication, power systems, computational biology, and blockchains.”

David Tse is an inspirational teacher and groundbreaking innovator who has made transformational contributions to wireless communication, power systems, computational biology, and blockchains. Tse is the inventor of the proportional fair scheduling algorithm that’s used in cellular base stations and benefits billions; he’s the co-inventor of Shannon, the highest-throughput RNA sequencing algorithm today; and he’s the co-inventor of Prism, the fastest proof-of-work blockchain. As a teacher, Tse has had a profound impact on generations of graduate students, many of whom are now faculty members at top universities around the world and have gone on to make significant contributions of their own.

An IEEE Fellow, Tse is the Thomas Kailath and Guanghan Xu Professor of Engineering at the School of Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA.