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Awards Board Nominations & Appointments Committee Mission

The Awards Board Nomination & Appointments Committee (AB N&A) shall be responsible for seeking out and recommending candidates for AB positions, chairs of the AB Councils, and chairs of Standing Committees to the AB. This committee shall also propose (for concurrence by the AB chair) candidates for AB appointive offices to be recommended for consideration by the IEEE Nominations and Appointments Committee.

The Awards Board Nominations & Appointments Committee invites all interested individuals to submit their names for consideration for a volunteer position in the IEEE Awards Program.

Review the job descriptions below and then click here to complete a nomination.

To be considered for an appointment to the IEEE Awards Board as Chair, Vice Chair, or a Member-at-Large, visit the IEEE Nominations and Appointments page.

“It was such a privilege to serve on the Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology Committee. Learning about the achievements of colleagues across disciplines and the way that their contributions have benefited society has given a greater appreciation for all that our members have been able to achieve.” – Former Committee Member on the Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology Committee, Ellis Meng

“Awards are a big part of what IEEE does, recognizing the many outstanding achievements of our membership. Please consider participating in awards activities, particularly if you have been an award winner yourself, and help IEEE maintain a high standard of excellence.” – Former IEEE Awards Volunteer, Dan Costello

Dan Costello Awards Volunteer
Dan Costello and 2014 IEEE President & CEO, J Roberto B. de Marca

“There are so many important technical contributors in our engineering community that being able to play a part in recognizing some of them is very satisfying. The IEEE Awards program provides the key structure for acknowledging our outstanding colleagues.” – Jerry Hudgins, 2023 IEEE Mildred Dresselhaus Medal Committee Chair