The Inspiring Journey of IEEE’s Top Educator: Andrea J. Goldsmith
The recent IEEE Spectrum profile of 2024 IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medalist, Andrea J. Goldsmith of Princeton University, is full of fascinating insights and will inspire perseverance. Read Article

Unveiling the Highlights: IEEE President’s Forbes Feature on the VIC Summit & Honors Ceremony
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Simay Akar is Passionate About Sustainability, Mentorship, and Diversity
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Focus Taiwan profiles Noyce Medal Recipient Ming-Kai Tsai
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Bob Kahn’s ‘been there, done that’ according to TechCrunch
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“Founders of the Internet” Featured on CBS News
Robert (Bob) E. Kahn, this year’s IEEE Medal of Honor recipient, Vint Cerf, the 2023 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient, and Steve Crocker, the 2002 IEEE Internet Award recipient recently sat down with Tony Dokoupil of CBS Mornings in New York to reflect on their original creation of the Internet and why there are no regrets. […] Read Article

Featured in the news: “Israeli researcher awarded IEEE medal, the Nobel Prize of engineering”
2024 IEEE Medal for Environmental and Safety Technologies recipient Hagit Messer of Tel Aviv University explains the importance of both climate change and its implications for life on Earth, and the processing of big data in AI systems. Read Article

Celebrating Education Week – Spotlight: Andrea J. Goldsmith
Celebrating Education Week. Andrea Goldsmith shares her insights as this year's IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal Recipient. Read Article

IEEE Healthcare Medal Recipient Featured in Duke University Article
Blake S. Wilson, Co-recipient of the 2024 IEEE Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology, was featured in a Duke University news article announcing his award. Read Article

Focus Taiwan refers to the IEEE Noyce Medal as the “Nobel Prize of Semiconductors”
2024 IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medalist Ming-Kai Tsai was recently featured in a Media Tek press release and on Focus Taiwan announcing his award. Read Article

Rebecca Richars-Kortum’s latest achievement in early cancer detection
2023 IEEE Innovations in Healthcare Technology Medalist, Rebecca Richards-Kortum of Rice University, continues to make gains in the fight against cancer. Her latest achievement is detailed in this IEEE Spectrum profile. Read Article

2024 IEEE Medal recipients featured in Princeton article
2024 IEEE medal recipients featured in Princeton article: Medal of Honor recipient Bob Kahn, IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal recipient Andrea Goldsmith, and IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal recipient Jennifer Rexford. Read Article

Past IEEE Award recipients receive the National Medal of Technology & Innovation!
Past IEEE Award recipients receive National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Biden at the White House. Read Article

SAVE THE DATE — We’re coming to Boston!
Save the date for the 2024 IEEE Vision, Innovation & Challenges Summit (VICS) and Honors Ceremony in Boston, MA, USA on 3 May 2024. Read Article

2022 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient Asad M. Madni named 2024 John Fritz Medal recipient
Another well-deserved honor goes to IEEE Life Fellow and 2022 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient Asad M. Madni of the UCLA as he was recognized by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME) with the 2024 John Fritz Medal. Read Article

Azad M. Madni featured in Power Electronics News
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IEEE Young Professional gets a once-in-a-lifetime experience
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Purdue professor’s system helps make crops resilient against pests
Crawford's contributions are improving security and resilience of food production internationally. Read Article

John Brooks Slaughter: Courageous Advocate for Diversity in STEM
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Rodney Brooks featured in IEEE Spectrum Article: Just Calm Down About GPT-4 Already
IEEE Spectrum article features Rodney Brooks, 2023 IEEE Founders Medal recipient, on GPT-4 and why Brooks thinks we should stop confusing performance with competence.  Read Article

The 2023 Gordon Prize goes to Simon Ramo recipient
Congratulations to Professor Azad M. Madni on being honored with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine's 2023 Bernard M. Gordon Prize, described as the "Nobel Prize of Engineering Education," for innovation in Engineering and Technology Education. Read Article

Robot World: Rodney Brooks’ interview with TechCrunch
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Vint Cerf interview with Fast Company
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Ingeborg and Erwin Hochmair with IEEE President and President-elect
Press release: MED EL
The Hochmairs of MED EL each received the prestigious IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal for the research and development of cochlear implants – a medical device that helps people living with hearing loss to hear again. Read Article

TechCrunch article featuring IEEE Medal of Honor recipient Vint Cerf
TechCrunch article features 2023 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient Vint Cerf in wide-ranging Q&A. Read Article

DENSO President & CEO Koji Arima
Press Release: DENSO Corporation
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Meet Mr. Internet: Vint Cerf
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Marty Cooper’s First Cellphone Call Celebrates 50 Years!
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