IEEE Top 2022 Medal of Honor Awardee, Dr. Madni Shares Deep Lessons
From airplanes to automobiles to spacecraft, sensor innovations have revolutionized navigation and stability in aerospace and automotive systems, helping to save lives around the world. Read Article

Argo Program is making Waves
Q&A with the Argo Program and how they are using robotic instruments to assess the impact on climate change. Read Article

P.R. Kumar’s article on Security of Cyber-Physical Systems
Cyber-physical systems are the next generation of systems where cyber attacks can cause economic damage or physical harm. Read Article

Listen On Demand: Interview with 2022 IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award Recipient Christopher Rose
Listen to IEEE TryEngineering's Interview with Christopher Rose On Demand. Registration required. Read Article

Soyeon Yi
Innovation Unscripted Video with Soyeon Yi
Soyeon Yi, South Korea’s first astronaut, will be among the speakers on the Aeronautics Panel at the IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit. She also gives her insights about thought-provoking questions in IEEE Awards’ new Innovation Unscripted video series. Read Article

Marilyn Wolf
Spotlight on Marilyn Wolf – 2022 Kirchmayer Grad Teaching Recipient
Marilyn Wolf has been a driving force in embedded systems education and research. An advocate for women engineers, and a mentor to junior faculty and students around the world. Read Article

Muriel Medard
Muriel Medard Pioneered the Universal Decoder
MIT Professor, Médard is this year’s recipient of the IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award. Read Article

2022 Medal of Honor Recipient – Microsensor and Systems Pioneer
Asad Madni, distinguished adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, is the 2022 Medal of Honor Recipient. Read Article

[photo] Philip T. Krein
Strategies for reducing Fossil Fuel impact of EVs
Phil Krein, an expert in power electronics and motor drives discusses the strategies for reducing the fossil-fuel impact of electric vehicles. Read Article

[photo] Elisa Bertino
Elisa Bertino’s article on securing cellular networks
Bertino's article will analyze why systematic methodologies are critical for securing communication protocols. It will also provide a high-level view of key elements of these systematic methodologies. Read Article