Russell Harrison

Moderator for the CHIPS Act Panel

As Managing Director of the IEEE-USA, Russell Harrison leads the Washington, DC office for the world’s largest technical professional society, the IEEE.   Prior to becoming Managing Director, Russ represented technology professionals to the US government as Director of Government Relations for IEEE-USA.   He focused on numerous policy issues including autonomous vehicles, digital privacy, AI, federal research funding, export control, and immigration.  In addition to directly engaging with policy makers, Russ strives to build bridges between technology professionals and politicians.  During his 20 year career with IEEE, Russ has spoken at over 300 local, national, and international events about public policy and the need for technology professionals to interact with their elected leaders.

Prior to IEEE-USA, Russ represented recycling facilities and the steel industry on Capitol Hill.  He has served on the both the Manassas Virginia Electoral Board and Planning Commission.  For his service, Russ has been named twice  as Manassas Volunteer of the Year.  He has a Master’s in Public Management from the University of Maryland, a B.A. in Political Science from Allegheny College.