IEEE Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology

Presented to

An individual, a team of individuals, or multiple recipients up to five in number.


For exceptional contributions to technologies and applications benefitting healthcare, medicine, and the health sciences.


The award consists of a bronze medal, certificate, and cash honorarium.

Basis for Judging

In the evaluation process, the following criteria are considered: impact on the profession and/or society; succession of significant technical or other contributions; leadership in accomplishing worthwhile goal(s); previous honors; other achievements as evidenced by publications or patents or other evidence; and quality of nomination.

The areas of technology recognized by this medal include, but are not limited to: bio-signal processing; biomedical imaging and image processing; bio-instrumentation; bio-sensors; bio micro/nano technologies; bio-informatics; computational biology and systems biology; cardiovascular and respiratory systems engineering; cellular and tissue engineering; bio-materials; bio robotics; bio-mechanics; therapeutic and diagnostic systems; medical device design and development; healthcare information systems; telemedicine; and emerging technologies in biomedicine (e.g., biophotonics).

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