Podcasts and Contributed Articles

The Inspiring Journey of IEEE’s Top Educator: Andrea J. Goldsmith
The recent IEEE Spectrum profile of 2024 IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medalist, Andrea J. Goldsmith of Princeton University, is full of fascinating insights and will inspire perseverance. Read Article

Unveiling the Future of AI with Award Recipient Christopher Manning on Sam Charrington’s TWIML Podcast
2024 IEEE John von Neumann medalist, Christopher Manning of Stanford University appeared on the influential The TWIML AI Podcast with leading AI authority Sam Charrington. Hear Podcast

Unveiling the Highlights: IEEE President’s Forbes Feature on the VIC Summit & Honors Ceremony
IEEE President & CEO Tom Coughlin authored a featured article in Forbes recapping the recent IEEE VIC Summit and Honors Ceremony. Read Article

Simay Akar is Passionate About Sustainability, Mentorship, and Diversity
2024 IEEE Theodore W. Hissey Outstanding Young Professional Award recipient Simay Akar of AK Energy Consulting discusses her passion for sustainability. Read Article

IEEE Foundation News features 2024 VICS & Honors Recap
The IEEE Foundation May Newsletter features a video recap of the VIC Summit & Honors Ceremony.  Read Article

Yahoo Finance: AMD Receives IEEE 2024 Corporate Innovation Award
Yahoo Finance News featured a story on AMD's 20204 IEEE Corporate Innovation Award. Read Article

Focus Taiwan profiles Noyce Medal Recipient Ming-Kai Tsai
Focus Taiwan features MediaTek Chairman and 2024 IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal recipient, Ming-Kai Tsai after the Honors Ceremony in Boston. Read Article

Bob Kahn’s ‘been there, done that’ according to TechCrunch
TechCrunch's feature profile of 2024 IEEE Medal of Honor Recipient Robert (Bob) E. Kahn is a must-read. Read Article

Light Reading podcast with Jennifer Rexford
The podcast discusses the evolution of network programmability and its impact on network performance with expert Jennifer Rexford. Hear Podcast

“Founders of the Internet” Featured on CBS News
Robert (Bob) E. Kahn, this year’s IEEE Medal of Honor recipient, Vint Cerf, the 2023 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient, and Steve Crocker, the 2002 IEEE Internet Award recipient recently sat down with Tony Dokoupil of CBS Mornings in New York to reflect on their original creation of the Internet and why there are no regrets. […] Read Article

Featured in the news: “Israeli researcher awarded IEEE medal, the Nobel Prize of engineering”
2024 IEEE Medal for Environmental and Safety Technologies recipient Hagit Messer of Tel Aviv University explains the importance of both climate change and its implications for life on Earth, and the processing of big data in AI systems. Read Article

Celebrating Education Week – Spotlight: Andrea J. Goldsmith
Celebrating Education Week. Andrea Goldsmith shares her insights as this year's IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal Recipient. Read Article