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2022 VIC Summit & Honors Ceremony Gala

The 2022 IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit (IEEE VIC Summit) & Honors Ceremony will be held at the San Diego Marriott Marina on Friday, 6 May.

The IEEE VIC Summit and Ceremony is IEEE’s premier event that highlights the innovation and creativity of engineering, science, and technology through provocative, educational, and inspiring talks with a vision for the future, opportunities for innovation, and the challenges to overcome. In 2022, you will hear from experts discuss the impacts of technology in the areas of sustainability, climate change, 5G, Cloud, Cybersecurity, machine learning, aerospace technology, digital twins, smart cities, IoT, and crypto.

This event culminates with the Honors Ceremony – the evening celebration of renowned icons whose work has served as a catalyst and propelled major advances in such areas of communications; medical imaging; visual media; information sciences and systems and various other fields of computer and electrical engineering.  It is only through their achievements that have made today’s advancements possible.

The event typically draws in individuals from all over the world, from young professionals to mid-high-level career professionals in the technology ecosystem.

Mark your calendars, to join us for this extraordinary event along with your peers and colleagues. 

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Check back soon to view agenda, speakers, recipients to be honored, and pre-activities  at the 2022 IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit and Ceremony. 

What to Expect

Click below to view some of the highlights from this year’s virtual 2021 IEEE VIC Summit and Ceremony. The event was a 3-days of inspiring talks, and recognition of “Giants” in the engineering and technology ecosystem. 

Please click here to view the IEEE Event Conduct & Safety Statement for Conferences.

Highlights Video

Replay the highlights from the 2021 IEEE VIC Summit and Honors Ceremony that was held virtually on 11-13 May 2021.






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The Agenda
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The program has world-class presenters deep dive into the most crucial areas of technology today spread out over a cross of several days, along with the recognition of some of the world’s most accomplished scientists, engineers and leaders whose technologies have impacted the way we live today. This exciting program will be one to not miss. Check back for the schedule and line-up.

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There is a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the technology “Giants” in the world. Young professionals and students can learn from experts and meet mentors at the event., including top innovators, disruptors, and IEEE award recipients. Connect with peers to exchange experiences and build partnerships. We will be having sponsor booths and there will be opportunities to connect with many top-tier organizations looking for top-talent.

Get Inspired
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Be empowered and revive your passion in your field of interest, or learn from a synergistic field.

Be a Part of the Conversation
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There’s power being connected to other people who are active in your line of work. Experience a live, face-to-face setting with others in the same business community.


There is no other event like the IEEE VIC Summit and Honors Ceremony where you’ll get the chance to hear and learn from those in the major technology sectors.


There is no other event like that 2021 IEEE VIC Summit and Honors Ceremony where you’ll get the chance to hear and learn from the Giants in technology.