Awards Board Operations Manual

The AB Operations Manual shall contain policies and procedures pertaining to IEEE awards and recognitions for the guidance of the AB. Its purpose is to present a statement of the existing rules and practices, together with any advice based on previous experience of the AB. For continuity in this function, each year’s AB should consider and make any revisions that would be helpful to a successor Board, including proposals to the IEEE Board of Directors for changes in IEEE Bylaws or Policies.

The statements contained in this AB Operations Manual must conform to the four documents that govern the IEEE and the IEEE AB as listed below.


The policies, procedures and regulations by which the IEEE and the IEEE AB are governed are embodied in the following documents:

  1. The IEEE Certificate of Incorporation legally establishes IEEE under the New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law.
  2. The IEEE Constitution, which is approved by the voting members of the IEEE, contains IEEE’s fundamental objectives and organization.
  3. The IEEE Bylaws, which are approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the IEEE Board of Directors, govern implementation of Constitutional provisions in specific organization structures. The IEEE Bylaws applying to the Awards Board are proposed and amended by a majority vote of the AB, with final approval by the IEEE Board of Directors.
  4. The IEEE Policies, which are approved by the IEEE Board of Directors, provide more detailed statements of IEEE-wide policies, objectives and procedures than are appropriate for inclusion in the Constitution and Bylaws.

It is through the support of the volunteers and sponsors that the IEEE Awards Program continues to recognize the outstanding achievements of distinguished professionals worldwide.

IEEE Awards Board Operations Manual (841 KB)