On-Demand Videos – 2021 IEEE VIC Summit

Virtual Attendees from around the globe attended IEEE’s premier event 2021 IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit (IEEE VIC Summit) and Honors Ceremony held on 11–13 May 2021. All the videos from the event are all available on IEEE.tv. This virtual multi-day event, featured keynotes and sessions with world-class speakers from industry and academia, It also hosts the IEEE Honors Ceremony, celebrating technology and engineering’s brightest lights.

Attendees heard featured speakers and panelists from companies such as Amazon.com, Inc.; Dolby Laboratories, Inc.; Mayo Clinic; The Walt Disney Company; University of New South Wales; U.S. Department of Energy; and others. They had the chance to submit their questions to the speakers after each session and the Q&As sessions provided some interesting insights to balance the talks.

“What a phenomenal program. Well done in the video! I’m honored to have been able to join such an accomplished panel. And Karen, you were/are exceptional as our moderator and guide! I enjoyed the experience and meeting such outstanding individuals!” – Karl Reid, Senior Vice Provost and Chief Inclusion Officer at Northeastern University, panelist for Diversity and Inclusion

The attendees also had the opportunity to view more than 24 live award presentations after entering the virtual red carpet into the specially designated Halls where the award presentations were shown. If they missed a presentation they could venture into the museum-style recipient gallery to watch any of the award presentations at a later time. Each award presentation was introduced by IEEE’s leadership: IEEE President Kathy Land, IEEE President-Elect Ray Liu, or IEEE Executive Director Stephen Welby. The presentation videos gave a wonderful career perspective on the recipient, and each concluded with a heartfelt acceptance speech. Award recipient’s celebrated with their loved ones as they watched the event from their homes.

John D. Cressler, recipient of the IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal said in his acceptance speech, ” …It is a rare privilege for me to get to spend my career interacting with bright young folks in such interesting ways.” He ends his acceptance speech by saying, “To my many student out there, 60+ PhDs and counting – and numerous undergrads, thank you, thank YOU because this award truly is for you.”

Additionally, award recipients and speakers gave special exclusive in-depth interviews to Glenn Zorpette, Executive Editor of IEEE Spectrum Magazine. The IEEE Public Visibility Chair, Jacqueline Adams also interviewed three woman recipients for her Career Reset Channel.

View the featured speakers with Q&As, recipient videos, and interviews all on IEEE.tv’s page dedicated to 2021 IEEE VIC Summit and Honors Ceremony.