Pieter Abbeel, Roboticist, 2022 Recipient of the Kiyo Tomiyasu Award

Pieter Abbeel

Professor Pieter Abbeel is Director of the Berkeley Robot Learning Lab and Co-Director of the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence (BAIR) Lab. Abbeel’s research strives to build ever more intelligent systems, which has his lab push the frontiers of deep reinforcement learning, deep unsupervised learning, especially as it pertains to robotics.  Abbeel’s Intro to AI class has been taken by over 100K students through edX, and his Deep Unsupervised Learning materials are standard references for AI researchers.  Abbeel has founded several companies, including Gradescope (AI to help instructors with grading homework, projects and exams) and Covariant (AI for robotic automation of warehouses and factories).  He advises many AI and robotics start-ups, and is a frequently sought after speaker worldwide for C-suite sessions on AI future and strategy. 

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