Meet Mr. Internet: Vint Cerf

IEEE Spectrum - VINT CERF Cover

In this IEEE Spectrum profile of our 2023 Medal of Honor recipient Vint Cerf, he shares the story of how the Internet came to be, how it has evolved over time, what work he sees still to be done, and why “Patience and persistence” has been his motto in life. As no less than Stephen Hawking said, “We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” The Internet continues to serve as an innovation catalyst, driving humanity forward.

Learn more now in IEEE Spectrum’s “Meet Mr. Internet: Vint Cerf” profile now.

IEEE Foundation is the financial supporter of the IEEE Medal of Honor. Cerf, along with all other 2023 Medal and Recognition Award Recipients will be celebrated on 5 May during the VIC Summit and Honors Ceremony in Atlanta, GA, USA.