Innovation Unscripted Video with Soyeon Yi

Soyeon Yi

The new IEEE Awards Innovation Unscripted video series delivers intimate, provocative conversations with the innovators and visionaries who are transforming our world and the challenges they faced.

Dr. Soyeon Yi, Managing Director, Business Development and Partnership, Noul Co., Ltd.—who also happens to be the first South Korean astronaut—launched into space on 8 April 2008 for an 11-day mission at the International Space Station. She completed an aggressive number of experiments, surviving a force of nearly 16-G (versus an average of 4-G) upon the ballistic re-entry. To hear her share her experiences and gives her insights about such thought-provoking questions as how being your authentic self can enable success, how society can look past gender constructs and focus on ability instead, and the challenges that space exploration can help overcome on earth today and going into the future, go to: .

“Being authentic is the most important thing. … That’s the ‘secret recipe’ of my past success” says Yi. “Of course, there were a lot of failures.”

An inspiration to girls and women in STEM everywhere, IEEE Awards is also thrilled to count Soyeon Yi among the speakers on the Aeronautics Panel at the IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit on 6 May at the San Diego Marriott Marina Hotel in San Diego, California, USA.

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