IEEE Top 2022 Medal of Honor Awardee, Dr. Madni Shares Deep Lessons

From airplanes to automobiles to spacecraft, sensor innovations have revolutionized navigation and stability in aerospace and automotive systems, helping to save lives around the world.

Forbes interviewed Dr. Asad Madni, IEEE Medal of Honor Recipient (IEEE’s Highest Award), where he shares his insights, lessons learned, and future predictions. He developed the GyroChip which was the first microelectromechanical-based gyroscope and inertial measurement unit for aerospace and automotive safety. The GyroChip and numerous other sensing systems developed by Dr. Madni are at the heart of electronic stability control and roll-over prevention systems, lane-change assist, and steering and wheel speed detection prevalent in today’s passenger cars. IEEE Life Fellow, Asad Madni has been recognized with over 80 major honors. He is a Distinguished Adjunct Professor/Distinguished Scientist with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and Faculty Fellow with UCLA’s Institute of Transportation Studies, Los Angeles, CA, USA.