B.N. Suresh’s System-Engineering Approach to Complex Designs

Photo of Ramo Suresh

Complex systems—those composed of disparate components that must integrate seamlessly for the system to perform properly—are all around us. They’re prevalent in telecommunications, human biology, energy, and much more. And in some cases, they’re actually above us; for example, at the International Space Station. With this complexity, realizing optimal design efficiency can be challenging, as B.N. Suresh notes in a new Electronic Design article. In it, he uses the example of a launch vehicle to show how using Systems Engineering for complex system design improves efficiency and enables high-quality results. Learn more from 2020 IEEE Simon Ramo Medal recipient B.N. Suresh about how minimized risk, greater success rates, and reduced costs makes Systems Engineering ideal for complex system design: https://www.electronicdesign.com/industrial-automation/article/21144196/take-a-systemengineering-approach-to-complex-designs