Ingeborg and Erwin Hochmair with IEEE President and President-elect

Press release: MED EL

The Hochmairs of MED EL each received the prestigious IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal for the research and development of cochlear implants – a medical device that helps people living with hearing loss to hear again.

Engineering Solutions to Women’s Health

2023 IEEE Biomedical Engineering Award Recipient, Dr. Ramanujam is an innovator, educator, and entrepreneur. Her mission is to develop technology that has wide-reaching impacts on women’s health.

Influencer’s experience at the 2022 IEEE VIC Summit and Ceremony

neXt Curve director and founder and media influencer, Leonard Lee, was invited to experience the 2022 IEEE VIC Summit and Honors Ceremony. He found the awardees and event so inspiring, he writes in his neXt Curve article, "Through the awards ceremony, I came to deeply appreciate the past, present, and prospective works of the many [...]

Article in Semiconductor Magazine by Jason Cong

Jingsheng Jason Cong contributions include three key areas of EDA tool development: logic synthesis algorithms for FPGAs, interconnect optimization algorithms for physical design, and high-level synthesis from programming languages friendly to software programmers. Read his article titled, "Toward Democratized IC Design And Customized Computing" in Semiconductor Magazine. Cong received the 2022 IEEE Robert N. Noyce [...]
Soyeon Yi

Innovation Unscripted Video with Soyeon Yi

Soyeon Yi, South Korea’s first astronaut, will be among the speakers on the Aeronautics Panel at the IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit. She also gives her insights about thought-provoking questions in IEEE Awards’ new Innovation Unscripted video series.

Kaushik Rajashekar

Will Flying Cars be the future of transportation?

Read Kaushik Rajashekara’s expert opinion on how Flying cars and eVTOL vehicles could change the way cities are developed, with infrastructure development around building roads and bridges minimized and several trees saved from being cut.

His revolutionary assistive devices provide social inclusion in society

The health, happiness, and productivity of those whose lives he has improved with his revolutionary assistive devices provide social inclusion in society 2022 IEEE Biomedical Engineering Award Recipient, Rory Cooper, serves as the Director of the Human Engineering Research Laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh and a senior career scientist with the U.S. Department of [...]