Kaushik Rajashekar

Will Flying Cars be the future of transportation?

Read Kaushik Rajashekara’s expert opinion on how Flying cars and eVTOL vehicles could change the way cities are developed, with infrastructure development around building roads and bridges minimized and several trees saved from being cut.

Kartik Kulkarni

2021 Hissey Recipient Kartik Kulkarni Leading Since his 20s

When Kartik Kulkarni was 23 years old in 2009 he might have been one of the youngest IEEE members to lead a global IEEE steering committee. The group was tasked with studying how to use members’ tech know-how to solve societal issues.

2020 Von Neumann Recipient, Jordan talks AI

“Stop Calling Everything AI” Machine-Learning Pioneer and 2020 Von Neumann Medal Recipient, Michael I. Jordan says. Today’s artificial-intelligence systems aren’t actually intelligent.

Photo of Hissey Veeraraghavan

Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan’s Humanitarian Passion

According to 2020 IEEE Theodore W. Hissey Outstanding Young Professional Award recipient Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan, being recognized “reinforces my passion to leverage technology as a catalyst to improve the living conditions of underserved communities globally.”